About the game

Arcadia Tenebra is a mystery adventure role-play board game.

You are an investigator on a quest to stop serial killer before the Blood Moon rises.

The story takes place in Arcadia Tenebra, a remote province of Austrian-Hungarian Empire bordering with Ottoman Empire.

This godforsaken borderland is a strange place where the technological wonders of bright new era clash with ancient powers and savage customs.


80 Luckies
50 Unluckies
30 Creatures
30 Intelligence / Charisma random events
25 Tesla’s prototypes
20 Clues
10 Specials

1 Blood Moon tracker
20 Blue movement trackers
20 Red movement trackers
20 Yellow movement trackers
20 Green movement trackers
80 Statistic trackers
10 Character markers

1 Board (400 x 400 mm)
10 Player boards
10 Creature boards

1 Blue d20
1 Red d20
1 Yellow d20
1 Green d20

1 Blue plastic stand
1 Red plastic stand
1 Yellow plastic stand
1 Green plastic stand

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