Karakondjula is vicious creature that lurks in shadows somewhere Across the Border. You will surly encounter her in late game when you yourself will cross famous Border. Be prepared…


Eerie hissing freezes you in your tracks. Mighty Karakonjula emerges in front of you. Most often she appears in a form of an old wrinkled hag, sporting long nails, iron teeth and horns amidst disheveled black’n’ white hair. Since everyone sees her differently, her image is basically up to you. Yet, descriptive precision is not what you need right now. Anyone and everyone who encounters Karakonjula knows what and whom they’ve met. Now you unmistakably feel as this demonic creature’s monstrous gaze digs and claws into you, searching for weaknesses. And you’re sure the search won’t take long.


POW 15

Weakness: +3 DMG (Electrical / Heat)

special abilities

Sees your weaknesses: All opponents have -3 POW untilsomebody kills this horrible creature.

Evil to the bone: Karakondjula is immune to Crtical Miss and has additional +2 DMG on Critical Hit.


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