Dilara Tilki

If you play Arcadia Tenebra and you choose Dilara Tilki as your PC you will become a natural force of Beauty, for better or for worse. Her powers are not your usual suspects like, you know, guns, knives, fists and […]

Hilda von Blutenstein

Ever since we set out on the path of creating this game, we were blessed by our test players, who gave us priceless feedback not only regarding the playing mechanisms and other features but also regarding the PCs. That said, […]

Riccardo Morin

Riccardo Morin is one of the playable characters you can choose to play with. If you love to play strong and intelligent characters, skillful with knives and guns – Riccardo is the right choice for you. Although, it’s possible that […]

Innkeeper Maynarich

Innkeeper Maynarich is one of the non-playable characters (NPC’s) you’ll meet in Arcadia Tenebra. He may appear harsh but he’s actually a good man. You’ll probably meet Innkeeper Maynarich at the very beginning of your adventure. He’s the owner of […]


Cur is one of the Companions you can acquire in Arcadia Tenebra. It smells bad. Cur is an excellent companion in the early part of the game and quite useful during the mid-game. However, you must pay attention to the […]