Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows are the first tier Creatures and you’ll probably encounter them early in the game. When you gear yourself up, they are not a threat but if you’re barehanded… Well, just take a good look at’em.  Description Strolling […]

Mommy bear

It’s not recommendable to mess with this Tier 2 Creature. Bears are unicorns in comparison with their female counterparts with younglings. So, if you by any chance encounter Mommy Bear in Arcadia Tenebra’s wilderness, the best thing you can do […]


Karakondjula is vicious creature that lurks in shadows somewhere Across the Border. You will surly encounter her in late game when you yourself will cross famous Border. Be prepared… description Eerie hissing freezes you in your tracks. Mighty Karakonjula emerges […]