Stuff and things

In Arcadia Tenebra everything that isn’t a weapon, consumable or apparel – but can be still carried around – is considered to be a Trinket. However, a valuable one. Most of the time… Trinkets are things that you carry around. […]

Do you feel Luckie, punk?

Prep your Backpack, gear up and taste the consequences of your actions! Luckie isn’t a spelling mistake. Luckie(s) is the name for a deck of cards from which everyone can draw as much as possible. Unluckies, on the other hand, […]

Happiness is a warm flint gun!

Like every true adventurer, you are surely asking yourself: “Is there any decent weapon in Arcadia Tenebra that I can find/steal/purchase/rip from stiff dead fingers of my defeated enemies/etc…?” Well, to be completely honest, OF COURSE THERE IS!!! Arcadia Tenebra […]