Arcadia Tenebra isn’t Cluedo

Maybe Cluesdo, but certainly not Cluedo!!! Arcadia Tenebra is a role play board game that puts you in the shoes (if you are in muddy Arcadia, more likely the boots) of a murder investigator. Your first quest is to find […]

Do you feel Luckie, punk?

Prep your Backpack, gear up and taste the consequences of your actions! Luckie isn’t a spelling mistake. Luckie(s) is the name for a deck of cards from which everyone can draw as much as possible. Unluckies, on the other hand, […]

What kind of board game?

Before we start to create Arcadia Tenebra we didn’t have much of a board gaming experience. We were average board game players. We played: Chess, Ludo, Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk and World of Warcraft Board Game. But, on the other side, […]

Arcadia… What!?

Prelude Four an’ a half years ago in a pub far, far away… Four penniless writers around a wooden table, towering over their pints of strong dark ale.“We’re going to starve”, said the blue-eyed guy. “We need to find a […]